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Angels, or figures wearing white, in dreams symbolize purity, protection and important messages from the higher self.

If an angel brings you a message in a dream, pay careful attention to it.

If you fight with an angel in your dream, or if it is angry and tries to harm you, then you are feeling […]

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He is the arc angel Saddiqun, upon whom be peace, who is in charge of interpreting the meaning of dreams and visions, or giving explanatory parables drawn from the heavenly Preserved Tablet.

Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream represents glad tidings, festivities, fulfilling promises, recognizing the inevitability of death, enjoying life, travels, coming home, marriage, […]

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Pay attention to the other symbols in the dream.

A dream of an angel almost always implies that the dream contains an important message that could have a major impact on your life.

There are many different kinds of angels. Dreaming of a strong, commanding, six-winged seraph is a powerful sign that any difficulties […]

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See angel and spiritual imagery in the introduction

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From a psychological perspective the angel is the personification of the relationship with mother or mother figure and needs to be looked at as a separate entity to both her and the dreamer, i.E.

As though it were a living, breathing being.

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Bone breaker

(See Angel of death; Eagle; Izriiil; Robbery; Osprey)

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Wings generally symbolize the protecting, all-pervading power of god.

An angel’s wings would depict the power to transcend our difficulties, as also would the wings of a bird of prey.

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Because communication via the telephone usually means that we are not able to see the recipient, using the telephone in a dream can signify communication with spirit or with guardian angels. You might also like to consult the entries for angel, communication and numbers for further information.

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In dreams, a block may present itself in many forms. We can experience it as a physical block – that is, something that needs to be climbed over or got round, a mental block – for instance, not being able to speak or hear, or a spiritual block such as the figure of an angel […]

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Guard / Guardian

A guardian is one who watches over us and spiritually this usually means a guardian angel.

This belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity and as we become more aware of the existence of the spiritual realms we become able to sense their presence in dreams.

As we progress it is natural […]