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Filthy body

(Dirt; Filth) Afilthy body in a dream represents a sinful person, while a dirty face in a dream means a rare art.

(Also see Filth)

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Dirty clothe

(See Filth)

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Dirty hair

(See Filth)

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Washing a garment

(See Filth)

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In a dream, bran represents charities, discord, or people’s filth.

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Dirty face

(Filth) Adirty face in a dream represents a rare art, while a filthy body represents a sinful person.

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(Detergent; Discards; Filth; Loan; Tithe) Charity in a dream means repelling calamities, recovering from illness, profits or truthfulness.

This is also true when it comes to earning one’s money lawfully, but if one gives a dead animal or alcohol or a stolen or mismanaged money in charity, then his charity is not acceptable and it […]

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(Defecate; Excrete; Human excrements) Feces in a dream represent money. Excreting solid intestinal waste in a dream means that one will spend large amounts ofmoney in caring for his health. Having diarrhea and defecating in public in a dream means that one should be careful about exposing himself or becoming subject to a scandal or […]

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Ritual bath

(Ablution; Ghusul; Ritual ablution; Wash)A ritual bath (arb. Ghusul.

Islamic Law) is customarily performed on a festival day, or before the Friday congregational prayers, before starting a pilgrimage, after recovering from an illness, or is necessitated by the emission of sperms either during one’s sleep or following a marital intercourse.

A ritual ablution is also […]

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(Dwellings; Face; Look; State; Transient) One’s garment in a dream represents his innermost thoughts that will eventually show in his attitude in life.

If one’s thoughts are good, then it will show, and if they are evil, they will also manifest.

If one wears a slipper over his head and a turban in his foot […]