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To dream of finding money, denotes small worries, but much happiness. Changes will follow.

To pay out money, denotes misfortune.

To receive gold, great prosperity and unalloyed pleasures.

To lose money, you will experience unhappy hours in the home and affairs will appear gloomy.

To count your money and find a deficit, you will be […]


Money, Interpretation of Dreams

This dream dictionary about money.

Interpretation of dreams contains over 77 list entries. Money, interpretation of dreams Money (77)ATM Card / ATM Machine Bankrupt / Bankruptcy Bankrupt / Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Bank draft Bank Robbery Bankrupt Bankrupt Bankrupt / Bankruptcy Banknote Bank / Banker Bank Bank / Banker Bank / Banker Bank Bills Bill Bill Bill of exchange Bill Bill Check Checks Cent Cashier Cash Cash Box Cash Register Cashier Cash Cash Coins Coins Coins Credit Credit Credit Credit Dime Dollar Gold Gold Gold Leaves Golden cage Gold Gold Gold Gold Mortgage Money Money bag Money belt Money exchanger Money pouch Money Money Money Money Money Money Money Nickel Penny Penny Penny Quarter Quarter Sand Dollars Wasting money Silver cage Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

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(Bones; Banana; Brass; Bread; Coin; Dirt; Dough; Pennies; Pie; Poison) A plated coin in a dream means lies, falsehood, or triviality.

To shower someone with money in a dream means listening to a filthy conversation, or impersonating someone. Money in a dream also means vain talk, or missing one’s prayers.

If one sees himself swallowing […]

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Money in dreams can represent our spiritual currency and also spiritual ‘change’, small or otherwise.

Symbols of money such as gold coins or money bags can signify our spiritual resources, which we can call on in times of difficulty.

In the spiritual sense, savings suggests those talents and abilities that we have or have developed, […]

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A dream about money signifies the dreamer should be more attentive to family members.

To see counterfeit money in your dream suggests that something is not what it appears to be. Perhaps you are feeling unworthy or someone is undervaluing your talents or efforts.

Alternatively, this dream symbol could mean that you are pretending to […]

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Money can represent our own personal resources – whether material or spiritual – and our potential for success.

In some circumstances a dream of money can be linked with our view of our own power. When we dream of savings we are aware of the need for conservation.

This may be on a personal level […]

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(India, interpretation of dreams)

Receiving money in dream denotes earthly prosperity. Giving of it denotes ability to give money.

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(Money bag; Money belt; Money pouch; Purse) A wallet in a dream means getting married or begetting a son.

A wallet in a dream also represents money placed in a wallet, or it could represent a key.

If one’s wallet falls in a sea or in a river, it means loss of one’s capital at […]

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(Bleed; Drain; Tap) To suck someone in a dream means to take money from him.

Sucking someone’s breast in a dream means swindling money from his wife.

Sucking someone’s nose in a dream means taking money from his pocket.

Sucking someone’s thigh in a dream means taking money from his clan.

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Lend / Lending / Loan

If we are lending money, we are creating a bond of obligation within our lives.

If we are being lent money we need to look at the way we are managing our resources, but more importantly what help we need to do this.