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We may be afraid of our own passions, anger and fear.

As a fiery creature and initially a symbol for evil, the fiend is a manifestation of those emotions.

It is possible in dreams to confront such a creature.

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To dream that you are performing “good” or harmless witchcraft, signifies many pleasant surprises.

It may also represent a creative mind and foretell that events will turn out the way you had hoped for.

To dream of performing black magic (mean spells), means that you have obtained your wishes through deceit and underhanded ways.

If […]

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Ifone sees himself being buried after his death in a dream, it means that he will undertake a longjourney during which he will be short of money.

Ifone sees himself being buried alive and if he recognizes the one burying him in the dream, it means that the latter will assault him, oppress him, imprison […]

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(Regret) In a dream, hastiness represents regret and regret represents hastiness.

If a sick person sees himself running hastily in a dream it means the nearing of his death.

The only positive connotation of hastiness in a dream is to hasten to do good when the results in one’s dream are good. Otherwise, it means […]

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(Marten; Mongoose) In a dream, a weasel represents an insolent person, a fool and a stupid man who is unjust and ruthless.

If a weasel enters a house in a dream, it means that evil or adversities may take place inside one’s dwellings.

A weasel is the only mammal that can kiss a snake.

Thus, […]

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Evil pursues the unfortunate dreamer.

If you are banished to foreign lands, death will be your portion at an early date.

To banish a child, means perjury of business allies.

It is a dream of fatality.

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(Pencil; Tongue) In a dream, a pen represents knowledge, learning, a child, a tradesman, or commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil.

If a tradesman or a craftsman sees a pen in his dream, it means that he will be successful in his trade, or that he will preside over people of the […]

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To dream of seeing ears, an evil and designing person is keeping watch over your conversation to work you harm.

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(Craziness; Excitement; Madman; Mental derangement) In a dream, insanity or any of the above conditions represent prosperity, merit and prestige.

Insanity in a dream also indicates desiring the world, festivities, or social fun for one who seeks such connections.

If one acts irrationally as a consequence of something that affected his life in a dream, […]

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To dream of vouchers, foretells that patient toil will defeat idle scheming to arrest fortune from you.

To sign one, denotes that you have the aid and confidence of those around you, despite the evil workings of enemies.

To lose one, signifies that you will have a struggle for your rights with relatives.