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You hear a lion roar: your fame will spread wide and far

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Mountain Lion

A mountain lion in your dream represents wild beauty, power and raw emotion.

It often refers to feminine powerand aggression.

A female you know may represent some danger to your social position or sense of well-being.

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In a dream, a hunter represents a philanderer, a womanizer who rounds women, or a pimp.

If one sees himself befriending a hunter, or ifhe helps him, and if the hunter is pursuing what is lawful to kill for food, one’s dream then connotes personal advantages.

If the hunt is after an animal which is […]

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Fabulous Beasts

The unicorn has its horn representing mysticism, the griffin has the qualities of both the lion and the eagle.

These representations are of the best qualities of masculinity and femininity. Only the purest of women (the virgin) can tame the unicorn and only the bravest of men can tame thegriffin.

(It is sometimes said that […]

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To dream of taming an animal indicates our ability to control or develop a relationship with the animal aspect of ourselves.

The animal may be of note, the lion representing courage for instance.

To dream of being tamed, as though we ourselves were the animal, signifies the need for restraint in our lives.

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Sound of animals

In a dream, the sound of a crowd means money beside other benefits.

The bleating of sheep in a dream means distress and fear.

The neigh of horses in a dream means might and honor.

The barking of a dog in a dream meansvain talk and meddling in others’ business.

The sound of a lynx […]

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Sopped bread with meat and broth or soup in a dream represent man’s livelihood.

The amount of food one eats from a bowl of’soup represents the portion oflife one has spent, andthe balance in the bowl represents what is left. Looking at a bowl of soup and being afraid to eat from it in the […]

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(Assassin; Illness; Robber) In a dream, a thief represents an illness, deficiency in one’s character, or a physical ailment.

If the thief is a black man, it means that the illness relates to one’s black bile.

Ifthe color of his skin is red, then it relates to one’s blood.

If the color of his skin […]

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Cooking on fire in a dream means attaining one’s goal or achieving one’s purpose.

Ifone sees himselfpreparing food on fire, and if his food is well cooked in the dream, it means that he will attain success and become famous. Otherwise, if his food is not well cooked in the dream, it means that he […]

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(Valley) Seeing a ravine or a valley with a dry watercourse in a dream means going on a tiering trip, taking a longjourney, or it could represent an intractable person.

Seeing a wadi in a dream denotes good deeds, or making offerings to please God Almighty.

Awadi in a dream also represents its dwellers, a […]