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In a dream, blood represents unlawful or illegal money, or an evil act that will emanate from the person seeing the dream.

If one sees himself dragging his feet through puddles of blood in a dream, it means that he will finance his business from unlawfully earned money, profit from an illegal business or commit […]

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Blood in a dream has many meanings.

Some of the most common: To dream that you are bleeding represents a feeling of loss of power. You may be suffering from exhaustion or feeling emotionally drained.

It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends. Your past actions may have come back to haunt […]

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Dreaming of blood can have one of two meanings.

It can signify that we feel that a sacrifice is being made on some level.

This links into the ancient belief that the blood somehow contained the life of the spirit and, therefore, spilt blood was sacred.

It can also represent renewal of life through its […]

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(Abdomen; Anus; Aorta; Back; Bones; Brain; Breasts; Buttocks; Chest; Earlock; Ears; Eyes; Eyebrows; Face; Feet; Fingers; Fingernails; Forehead; Hand; Head; Heart; Heels; Intestines; Jugular vein; Kidney; Knee; Legs; Limb; Lip; Livers; Loins; Lungs; Marrow; Mouth; Nails; Navel; Neck; Nerves; Nose; Rear end; Ribs; Penis; Sexual organs; Shoulders; Skin; Spinal column; Spleen; Stomach; Temple; Testicles; Thighs; […]

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Menstrual period

(Discharge; Menstruation; The Curse of Eve) Experiencing one’s menstrual period in a dream means that one has committed a wrongdoing, or it could mean confusion.

If a woman sees herself taking a ritual ablution thereafter in the dream, it means that she will repent for his sin and her adversities will be dispelled.

If an […]

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(Repentance; Throw up) Vomiting in a dream means returning things to their rightful owner, divulging secrets, or of regaining one’s health through control of his stomach.

Throwing up clean food in a dream means ease in one’s life.

If a poor person vomits blood in his dream, it means receiving money, begetting a son, or […]

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The General Meaning of a Dream Collection or Dream Analysis

Today you can also easily understand the meaning of a collection or series of dreams by reading and translating the basic dream symbols that appear in each dream within the collection.

This collection can be made up of dreams over a period of time of two or three months or more.

This is called dream […]

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From time immemorial blood has represented the life carrier or the life force.

To dream of a violent scene where blood appears indicates that we are being self-destructive in some way.

If we are having to deal with blood, we need to be aware of our own strength.

If we have been injured and someone […]

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(Lavatory) In a dream, a toilet means relief from distress, satisfying one’s innate needs, a bathhouse, taking a ritual ablution, a place where one’s secrets are exposed, a place where one hides his money, a treasury, a coffer, a rest room, or a place to reflect. Washing the toilet’s floor in a dream means becoming […]

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The Exact Meaning of Each Detail of Your Dreams

The scientific method of dream interpretation, discovered by psychiatrist Carl Jung at the end of the last century, is the only correct method, as I prove in my work. I continued his dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche and brain.

I greatly simplified his method, and discovered the meaning of many […]