Present / Presents

When a present appears in a dream, it can first of all be a play on words. We are being given a ‘here and now’. We are being reminded to live in the moment and not the past or future.

A present can also indicate a talent or gift.

If we are receiving a present […]


In a dream, a standing loom represents travels or business activities.

A loom laying flat in a dream means inhibition, restraint, or seclusion.

In a dream, a loom also means support or a gift for a needy person.

It also means a high ranking position or becoming a respected chairperson.

If a woman sees another […]


Firewood in a dream means slander and backbiting.

Ifone puts two or three logs to burn in the fire in a dream, it means that an argument will take place or that an exchange of rough words will grow beyond one’s control.

If a religious person sees timber in his dream, it means that he […]


A herd of sheep in a dream represents a good flock, obedient subjects, or good citizens.

Sheep in a dream also signify joy, happiness, festivities, a wife, children, a farmland, properties, prosperity or wealth, and particularly when one pays the due alms tax on his money making ventures and liquid assets. Owning a herd of […]


(Plant; Woman) In a dream, daisies represent a close friend who will bring a gift or contribute something to one’s business.

A daisy flower in a dream is also interpreted to represent a beautiful woman. Gathering daisies from the foot of a mountain in a dream means that a strong man or someone in authority […]


In a dream, a lamb represents one’s son.

If one sees himself slaughtering a lamb in a dream, it means that either his son or the son of one of his relatives may shortly die from an illness or an accident.

If one is offered a lamb as a gift in a dream, it means […]

Solomon’s ring

(A gift from God Almighty; Authority) If a ruler or a rich person sees himself wearing Solomon’s ring in a dream, it means that his authority, wealth, lands, travels and aU his goals will be successful and grow further.

If someone invokes spirits for a living, then wearing Solomon’s ring in a dream will make […]


(Brook; Pool; Washing basin) In a dream, a pond represents a noble, generous, magnanimous, dominant and a beneficial person.

If the pond is filled with water in the dream, it represents a generous and a well respected person.

Ifone takes his ritual ablution from it in the dream, it means that he will escape from […]


(Large cucumber; Snake-cucumber; Squirting cucumber) In a dream, cucumbers represent distress and sadness.

Ifone eats a cucumber in his dream, it means that he will strive for something but with great strain on him and particularly if he sees yellow cucumbers.

If one’s wife is pregnant and he sees cucumbers in his dream, it means […]


(Balance; Measure) Seeing a scale in a dream means renewal of one’s business. Depending one the truthfulness by which one weighs his business, or product, a scale in a dream also means profits or a fine. Receiving a scale as a gift in a dream means that one may become ajudge.

The same applies if […]